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Family : Epinephelidae
Latin : Epinephelus aeneus

Local Names: US&UK: White Grouper, Algeria: Bades, Denmark: Hvid havaborre, Egypt: Wakar, France: Mérou, Mérou Blanc, Serran d’airain, Germany: Weißer Zackenbarsch, Greece: Sphyrida, Israel: Daggar mazury, Lokos, Dakar hamichmoret Italy: Cernia bianca, Cernia bronzina, Tincuni, Poland: Granik szary, Portugal: Garoupa Verde, Russia: белый морской окунь, Spain: Cherne de ley; Sweden: Vit Grouper, Turkey: Lahoz, Lahos, Grida


In our own hatchery, we successfully cultivate the White Grouper species as a result of about 15 years of R&D process, in aquaculture ponds in Muğla-Milas region with a semi-closed circuit system. We offer to the global market a very good quality White Grouper which is the only example in the world as aquaculture production.

Marketed fresh, whole

Calibers – 1000/2000 2000/3000 3000/4000 4000/5000 5000+